Sunday, March 15, 2009

Irish Cheddar, Week 11

In preemptive celebration of St. Patrick's Day, Irish Cheddar and Irish beer were combined for a deliciously easy Cheddar Beer Soup.  I don't think Rachel Ray or her recipe are Irish, but it was still fun to make and save for lunch later this week.

I present the divine black wrapper, imported from Ireland, reserve...

Irish Cheddar

Smell: Robust, a bit salty, Cheddar Gone Wild
Price: $17.12/lb

Step One: Butter, leeks, and carrots.  You know how I feel about leeks...this smelled wonderfully.

Step Two: Add the milk and beer (I used Guinness), and shred the cheese.  This took almost one and a half packages of cheese, but rationalizing things, this is going to make a lot of meals, right? 

Step Three: Enjoy!  Not very many interesting pictures are in this post.  Someone else made Rachel Ray's recipe with an orange cheddar, and although I'm guessing this chedda' might have been betta', she definitely took more interesting photos

Verdict: The Irish cheddar was fantastic-- so flavorful.  Edges out Vermont cheddar by a slice.

End tally: Midnight Moon > Lamb Chopper > Manchego > Paneer > Comte > Irish Cheddar > Vermont Cheddar > Emmentaler > Bucheron > Delice d'Argental > Red Square > Stilton > Pecorino Romano > Monterey Jack


  1. ooooo i'm a fan of any type of beer-cheese mix! In KY we make beer-cheese dip and gorge ourselves on it and pretzels/carrots/celery at every sporting event or get together ;3

    I'd have to say that it's whey good ;D

  2. Yay for the Irish and Rachel Ray :-)

  3. The leftover Irish chedda' was top o' the mornin' this morning making for a much betta breakfast 7=^ )


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