Sunday, February 1, 2009

Monterey Jack, Week 5

Happy February, Super Bowl, and (most of all) Groundhog's Day Eve.

Before we come to the main event, I'll tie up the loose ends from January.  First, as a point of clarification, the Brebis suggestion was made by my good friend Lisa's friend, Ross. Not Lisa. Though I must say I enjoyed your fine use of alliteration, Lisa, this is officially the End of discussion. (Until I try Brebis, of course.)

Secondly, to one "Nit Balboa," I have no idea if cheese has ever saved a life, what percent of taste smell is sense smell, whatever the follow-up is to "we still eat cheese," why Cyprus Turks and Greeks are *gasp* fighting over 'bacteria hint cheese,' if you can drink cheese (or why you would), if in my experience elementary pupils are very interested in cheese, and finally, if the Amish believe cheese is a modern convenience.  Thank you for your interesting and, dare I say, innovative line of questions.  I am flattered you find my blog so inspiring. Try Google.  Thanks.

And with that, my friends, let's get the show rolling!  It's Monterey Jack time!

What's more "Super Bowl" cheese than queso? Really? I know 'The Boss' mentioned guacamole, but we all know he just needed that extra syllable and that's why "queso" didn't make it to prime time.  I got this recipe from the very American  

Monterey Jack

Price: 16.99/lb
Smell: Sharp milky goodness

Step One: Shred cheese.  Like almost every other recipe. This cheese could not take the heat. However, I could not take it out the kitchen. 

Step Two: Add it to everything else.

Step Three: Melt like crazy.

Step Four: Party time! Bam!  I also mixed together some hot and mild fresh salsa from the local store because the watch party was hosted, in part, by my good non-dairy friend. He grilled me a delicious veggie burger. That's friendship, folks.

End result: This cheese just had no character compared to all of the other cheeses.  You know the old "You don't know jack?" I don't think this cheese did.  It's from Wisconsin...but curiously is native to California.  Identity crisis. Identity theft? Although this cheese was pleasant (and the queso very yummy), it just seemed like the apogee of mediocrity. I try to be patriotic on this great day to celebrate American Americaness.  This is what I get.

End tally: Manchego > Paneer> Comte > Pecorino Romano > Monterey Jack


  1. mm the queso dip looks delicious!

    i dunno what you have on your list of cheese to try, but maybe add a brie?

  2. I would like to think cheese has saved my life. A wheel of Pont l’Eveque got me out of a hairy situation while I was wandering around a bazaar in the unsavory Beyoglu neighborhood of Istanbul. Luckily for me, the rogues were overcome by the smell. In between gasps for air we all had a good laugh. Oh those were the days. Now my life is boring.

  3. I'm still a little thrown off by that Wisconsin-born Monterey Jack ;) The queso and salsa was still tasty for the Superbowl... Highlife!!

    If A = Jack cheese comes from Happy Cows
    And B = Happy Cows come from California
    Then C = Wisconsin don't know Jack about Monterey and should probably check out the otter cam (

    ...Or is this one of those things where Socrates is mortal?

    7:^ )

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