Sunday, January 4, 2009

Comte, Week 1

On Friday, January 2, 2008, I finally decided what my New Year's resolution would be.  I had just read this article about the "Ultimate Grilled Cheese" in Saveur magazine.  I was hungry.  I went grocery shopping.  And I saw it.  Yes, the very cheese so exquisitely described in the article (Comte) was staring right back at me.  I had to buy it, and then it dawned on me: this is what I've been waiting for!  A reason to blog AND a new hobby!  

I've been a blog reader for years, but everytime I've wanted to put myself out there and do it, I've come up blank with ideas.  I definitely didn't want to write about work or grad school...because that just sounded like work.  I also didn't want to write solely about my friends and family...because that seemed too boring and invasive (even if I changed their names-- and honestly, who else can I count on to read this?).  What else is left in my life-- food and sleep.  Sleep is a no-go, so food it is!

As much as I love cooking, I'm no gourmand.  In fact, I barely know anything about cheeses that don't regularly star in deli sandwiches.  This should be fun.

So, first up: Comte

Price: $10.99/lb, purchased smallest hunk for $8.02 at Trader Joe's
Smell Factor: Kind of nutty

Recipe Time:

Step One: Shred Cheese. Shredding cheese for grilled cheese didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, as the bread of choice, sourdough, was tiny.  I didn't know what to do with the rind, but I tried some anyway. Result= tasted like it looked, nutty and hard.

Step Three: Eat. Okay, the step thing is sounding a tad ridiculous.  Just wait until I start the ultimate showdown of cheeses.  I'm thinking brackets by season or (and?) by price.  Go quantitative or go home, my friends!

The grilled cheese was okay. It took a long time to toast it "just so," and because the cheese melted as much as it did, the result was less than the super-cheesy grilled cheese that I had in mind for my "Ultimate Grilled Cheese."  However, the Tomato-Basil soup I made to go with dinner and eat for lunch all week was fabulous.

Dinner is served!


  1. Hmmm... looks mighty good! Gonna try this next Saturday for lunch!

  2. Sorry I didn't seem more enthused when you first mentioned your blog ~ I actually dont think I even commented. But I love the idea!!

    CHEESE PLEASE!! I recommend REMBRANDT ~ its gouda. I had it in California in a wine town ~ actually part of the movie Sideways was filmed in that small town, getting back to the point, this wonderful cheese is also available in chain grocery stores (At least it was on the West Coast). Some information from to wet your appetite: Rembrandt (the cheese not the artist) competed against over 1,800 cheeses at the prestigious 2002 Nantwich International Cheese Show and was awarded the coveted "H.T Webb Trophy for Best Continental Cheese. Rembrandt also garnered the First Place award in the Best Dutch Cheese class. But what makes Rembrandt so special? Like Rembrandt Van Rijn, whose use of light and color remains a testament to the creative impulse K.H De Jong's cheesemakers have melded the best old-world aging practices with modern quality controls to produce a consistently superb and artfully delicious extra aged gouda. While some producers force age their Gouda, De Jong's cheesemakers would never stoop to such a practice. The cheese will grace your table just as Rembrandt's timeless portraits and etchings remain a standard against which all artists can be judged. What a gouda sales pitch!!!

  3. mmm grilled cheese, with tomato soup too! perfect for the winter!

    have you tried Chevre? It's a soft goats milk cheese, it;s really good when you slather a bit on some crusty bread or crackers :3

  4. Hi Kate,
    What a lovely blog! I love cheese! And how wonderful you are blogging about local places! I usually get my cheese from Trader Joe's. I'll look forwards to reading your blog.


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